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Company: Credit Suisse, Bern

Technology: MS SQL Server, ERWIN.

Link: Not available

People in the project: Stefan Tröhler

Implementation period: Jun 2006 – Apr 2007

Cost: no details

Creation of the relational data model and transfer of the logical data model into the physical data model for the Microsoft SQL Server database with regard to the equity capital statements of Credit Suisse, implemented using ERWIN.

  • Analyse the given task.
  • If necessary, clarify with the business.
  • Identify relevant objects with all relevant properties and the relevant relationships.
  • Formulate relationships graphically and textually.
  • Map the conceptual database schema to a logical database schema.
  • Extend the model to include data-related specifications (field formats, identifying search terms, etc.).
  • Structure logical database schema according to the rules of the structure given by the DBMS.
  • Check that all necessary data are stored in tables.
  • Formulate all specifications in the syntax of the DBMS (ERWIN).
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